The tales of two folks as they re-create their lives, traveling in their RV and moving to the woods...


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Storm in New Mexico and Texas Mesas


So, the first picture you see IS, in fact, POO… Horse poo to be exact! It is a perfect description of our morning!!

First off - bad trailer tire that we were thankful for it not blowing on the road… then - a bad spare, SO a new tire…nearly 150$$ and OVER 2hours later, Walmart gets it mounted (grrr). I met some funny old men in the auto department (also waiting for their tires) we told jokes about getting old and had a grand time. Then, as I was starting to feel the pain in my gums again - I noticed either bone or roots poking through!! ARGH!! I get back the the coach and call Palmdale. The dentist says it is probably bone, to rise with salt water and get back in to get it removed. I calmly (surprised, aren’t you) reply that I am in Arizona!! When he hears I am not returning until the end of May - he suggests I either wait (if it does not bother me - at which time I had visions of them cutting open my gums to remove this after it heals) or to have a local dentist do this when I get to Oklahoma. Needless to say, I am NOT waiting!

Ok, so the trailer is fixed and be begin to break down camp to head out. Push the button to bring in the slide and … nothing!! We tried a number of semi intelligent things to get it to work….nothing! So we call Coach-Net’s experts. After some time following his advice, the slide rumbles back into place (whew!) And we are off and running….

Well, kinda…. I see a green light to turn left onto the Fwy… Vester sees a Green arrow… the oncoming traffic and the cop who pulled us over saw the same thing I did!!  Another delay and after our papers checked out ok - the Highway Patrol stayed long enough to tell us about his dad’s first RV trip wherein he ran into his house haha and then told us some jokes to send us on our way!

Soon the beautiful Arizona Desert unfolded around us… and around us… and in front of us… and behind us… DESERT everywhere! Not even a Joshua tree in sight!! Even the few mountains were many many miles away. Eventually we saw some beautiful rock formations and stopped at the rest stop.There were a few Antelope we saw too fast for pictures and a sad elk who died by the roadside.

I got back into my Dean Koontz book and was shocked when Vester called out “TREES”! Sure enough, there were Pines up ahead and the road began to rise. Entering into New Mexico was almost a relief.

hummm, did I say “relief”? well the landscape did change and the roads smoothed out nicely. We tried to decide where to stop and Camp Wally World in Gallup won out. Within minutes of pulling up, a drunk man tried to speak to me and I ignored him as I was checking the trailer lights (we think we blew some bulbs). He caught Vester and begged for money for a burger. Vester helped him out and he staggered off. Soon, his buddy came by and made sure to tell us he was Navajo and he was hungry. We had food here but he wanted money. Vester told him he was very very sorry but he could not just keep handing out money so the man left.

I started dinner (lasagna and bread sticks) and wondered if the young couple living in their car needed food…but I am a bit spooked after our visitors to just go over there. I think I may send Vester if it doesn’t get too late and they are still there.

Well, until tomorrow!!


Arizona ~ Monday night

Well, we made it out of California!! The roads leaving the state were awful!! So bumpy that it really tested how well we packed haha… but so far everything survived. Well, except for my small Odin statue from Norway and a pair of ceramic hands (sigh) but everything else stayed put.

Penny was a wonderful traveler as was Pearl. Both stayed in their cages for the drive. We met some nice folks on the road so far. One gentleman was traveling with his wife and German Shepard in a 2006 Monaco Diplomat. He told us about his tire blowing the day before and offered some advice on handling a motorhome during such a disaster.

Here in Kingman Arizona at the Walmart parking lot, it looks like a huge RV park haha, there are dozens of rigs surrounding us and we met a nice guy next to us who is traveling from Oregon to a Country Music Show.

I am posting pictures next of some of todays highlights. We are leaving here tomorrow whenever we get up ~ see you all then!